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Our founder is İsmail Akkaya was started to manifactoring mechanical scales in 1969 and thus our factory was borned. Our factory got the name UZAY in 1975. The factory was started to manifactoring  is coniferous mechanical scales and high -wheel mechanical scales. Also automatic tube filling scale was started to manifactoring  and this application was the first in this sector.


Our company was incorporated moved to Bandırma in 1993. Thus Uzay Machinery and Scales Limited Company was a great company with qualified engineers and workers in 18 years. Our manufacturing facility spread over 2 acres was inadequate in 2003 , so construction of a new factory was began in Bandırma. Our factory is serving variety area about sector of weighbridge. Our quality has been documented with the most prestigious certification in the country and customer satisfaction.


Technology is developing rapidly in nowadays and answering to  customer's various needs is going to be difficult. But this difficulties add excitement to our business.Being first and producing new and extraordinary product is important for us from 1975 to these days. We are the first in this sector from producing automatic tube filling scale to electronic scales of dairy farming. Unconditional customer satisfaction is our aim. Our firm adopts to type of producing to respond to every customer need .We are able to solve and answer the questions about from most economic equipment to most difficult device.We have been start to day with excitement like first business day since 30 years ago.