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BX3 Filling Controller


teklif talebi katalog indir kullanim klavuzu

BX3 is a professional filling terminal designed for any type of filling processes of liquid, bulk and granule material with all type of packages.
With its 8.000.000 internal resolution, high speed with up to 400 measurements per second, selectable standard digital and statistical filters, BX3 provides fast and accurate filling results in even environments with vibrations.
It has 9 standard filling modes for different type of materials and packages. Customized filling process can be defined according to user processes.
3 speed fillings with preact adjustment, tare control, zero range control, tolerance control, jogging, valves position controls are standard features.
Filling data including date, time, consecutive number, gross, tare and net filling values are exported automatically after each filling to printer or host. Total and statistical reports are also available.

BX3 Filling Controller Technical Specifications

  1. Standard Features
    • MID 006 approved for gravimetric filling device
    • Aluminum housing with stainless steel front and back panel
    • 60000d readability
    • Opto-isolated parallel 4 inputs / 8 outputs
    • Total & statistical report
    • 16 receipt memories
    • Automatic preact correction
    • Filling process can be followed
    • Date, time, and filling or weighing values are exported automatically after each filling

  2. Filling Modes

    • 9 standard filling modes can be selected in programming parameters:
    • Liquid filling for open containers, filling under bung hole or at bottom filling
    • “Weigh in and emptying” mode for automatic packing machines, bag fillers
    • Tank/Silo filling and discharging
    • “Weigh in-Weigh out” for sticky /viscous materials
    • Discontinuous totalizers
    • Filling in the bag as gross or net
    • Bag filling from hopper scale
    • Customized filling modes for OEMs' requests.

  3. System Integration

    • 2. serial port RS-232C, RS-485 or 20mA CL ASCII
    • Ethernet TCP / IP
    • Modbus RTU / TCP
    • Profibus
    • Profinet
    • CANopen
    • Additional 4 / 8 paralel I / O