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BX6 Indicator


teklif talebi katalog indir kullanim klavuzu

BX6 labelling terminal designed for industrial weighing application and operates with standard PC keyboard and monitor.It has OIML approval for 2x3000e up to 35.000 weight records can be stored in BX6.

Weighing menu and ticket are configured freely according to user demand and the data entries can be done easily,fast and errorless through user defined tables.Detailed and total weighing reports can also be configurable by user.

BX6 terminal can be integrated to host system through its optional ethernet connection and the weighing records can be exported automatically and manually.

BX6 Indicator Technical Specifications

  1. Onay : OIML 10000e , 2 x 6000e
  2. Kutu : Paslanmaz çelik kapak ve ön panel, galvaniz yapıda endüstriyel tip
  3. Yük hücre bağlantısı : 6 x 350 Ù yada 18 x 1100Ù(Min.58Ù) Kablo uzunluğu 274m/mm²
  4. Gösterge : 20 mm kırmızı LED
  5. Bağlantı : 3 x RS232C, 2 x USB, Ethernet TCP/IP 
  6. Besleme :  90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  7. Sıcaklık : -10 °C ile +45 °C, %85 bağıl nem