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Monorail Scale


teklif talebi katalog indir kullanim klavuzu

Monorail scales are specially designed for weighing sheep and cattle carcass on monorail lifting system for integrated meat plants, slaughterhouses, cold storage areas and retail fresh meat shops. It saves time and labor thanks to its low cost and short time installation on rail.

Beside to their basic features like tare, automatic, semi-atomic zero, easily readable VFD display and RS 232 serial communication output, they also have many additional weighing function which enables ticket and label print outs through thermal, ribbon, dot matrix and barcode type printer connections. By connection with Computer or Industrial PC based terminal, monorail scales allow flexible applications with special software options.

Monorail scales can be designed suitable to company's monorail systems which are already installed before. Monorail scales are manufactured in different sizes and capacities from galvanized steel or stainless steel. Beside to accessories like remote display and display protection panel, Monorail scales allow flexible applications with special software options.


Monorail Scale

Material : Steel
Enviromental Protection : IP 65 (Standart)-IP 67 / IP 68 (Option)
Load cell : 2 pcs, OIML R60 C3 Class
Load cell : Protection Class Stainless Steel IP68
Platform Material Options: SG: Galvanized Steel , CSS: Complete Stainless Steel
Weight Indicator
Model LL3
Class:  III / IIII
Caseing : Aluminium Cast (Standart) Stainless Steel (Option)
Protection Class:  IP 54 / IP 65
Display : 7 Dijit, 14 mm. VFD
Status - Metric Symbols Zero, Net, Weight Range, Stand Still Load - kg
Keypad Membran type, 20 functional alfanumeric keys (Programming,
Calibration, Zero, Tare, Printing, Reporting )
Operation Voltage : 220 VAC / 12 VDC
Operation Temp. Range :  - 10°C … + 40°C
Serial Communication :  RS232
- 2 x RS232, 2 x RS 422/485
- Wireless Communication
- 2MB. (105.000 Record) Alibi Memory
- Operating with Battery