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Weighing Program in Windows


teklif talebi katalog indir kullanim klavuzu

With our newly developed electronic card system okutturarak growers are making to their assigned card devices milk.

Records and reports employee Uzay Sutsoft program through the Windows base is kept in a SQL database.

Weighing Program in Windows Technical Specifications

  1. Manufacturer of intelligent smart card swiping; Bring the milk is poured into the weighing chamber.
  2. Remove the pre-recorded information about the person and the amount of spilled milk in liters monitor screen.
  3. With easy to use reporting is done with a single button press on the program.
  4. With extensive reporting options provide great convenience to the company with the manufacturer.
  5. Smart smart cards certainly are not copied.
  6. With advanced program information via e-mail or program information over long distances using the interface can be exchanged.
  7. Users have special optional program improved infrastructure.