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Pit Type Truck Scale

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Undergrand Vehicle Scales Are Preffered Vehicle Types In Companies Where The Work Area Is Limd. The Underground Scale Allows The Vehicles To Maneuver Esier Due To To Economic Ares Usage.

The Electronic Parts Montage And Servicez Are Performend By Entering Parts Montage And Servicez Are Performed By Entering From The Hatch On The Platform. The Scale Can Be Used For Years Smoothly With An Appropriate Drainage System. The Scales Are Produced With Steel Structure And In Custom Size/Capacities.





Pit Type Truck Scale Technical Specifications

  1. Legal Merology Approved
  2. National And International Production And Quality Certificates
  3. Different And Custom Dimensions/Capacities
  4. Easy Installation And Demounting Modular Desing
  5. Produced With ST44 Steel Material , Resistant Platform Construction
  6. Static Construction And Resistant Up To Double Capacity With Specia Main Lifter
  7. Entering-Exit Convenience To The Scale Whit Low Chassis Desing
  8. Montange Accessories Which Do Not Require Maintanance And Alteration
  9. IP 68 Connection Box Point
  10. Profile Steel Protection Cable Conservation
  11. IP68/IP69K Protections Class, Protected Load Cells Against Lightning, Water, Moisture and Dust
  12. Optional C4 And Digital Load Cell Alternatives
  13. Connection Facilities To Different Automation Systems, Accounting Softwares And Computer Networks
  14. Additional Accessories Options Like Traffic Light, Barrier, Automatic Vehicle Recognition, External Displa, Message Panel, Modem, Barcode Read Etc
  15. More Precisely Result With Two Stage Weighing
  16. Wide Technical Service Support